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Our Story

We started the Kidney Power Up program 2 years ago with Vnex Energizers. We have many successes with helping customers improving their Kidney's function. We kept on our studies and research to improve our success rate.

Why Hydrogen Therapy?

Hydrogen Inhalation therapy is a new therapy that is currently being actively research and studied in Japan, Korea and China. It is proven that it is very effective for (1) cancer rehabilitation after cancer treatment, (2) pain relief due to chronic inflammation (3) improving breathing capacity for COPD and (4) improving metabolic syndrome.

We have found that hydrogen therapy is a very simple and effective way to rehabilitate our health, with specific reference to using oxyhydrogen ( H2 66% : O2 33% ) at a flow of 3L/min. 

We are incorporating hydrogen therapy as part of Kidney Power Up program , and delivering the service at an affordable rate to customers suffering from sickness  due to oxidative stress and pain due to inflammation.

Our Mission

Deliver Simple, Effective and Affordable
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