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Brother Soo is a health coach at The H2 Therapy. Discover how hydrogen therapy can help you to Sleep Better, Heal Faster , Reduce Inflammation Pain and Feel Stronger.
Is Frequent Urination At Night Affecting Your Sleep? Find Out How To Fix It.
Nocturia disrupting sleep? Explore solutions for better rest without meds or surgery....
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How To Fast If I Have Gastric Problems?
Ease into fasting by gradually cutting sugar, simplifying meals, and using pressure on the 'zu san li' acupuncture point for comfort....
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Small Frequent Meals For Diabetes?
Balanced meals, regular monitoring, and hydration are key for managing diabetes. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized guidance....
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The Importance of Sleep and Diabetes
Quality sleep crucial for managing diabetes. Regulate blood sugar, balance hormones, and reduce inflammation....
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Intermittent Fasting for Prediabetes
Combat pre-diabetes with intermittent fasting. Discover 16/8 & 18/6 methods for improved blood sugar and health....
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How Much Food Should I Eat Per Meal?
Eat mindfully, stop at 70% fullness. Manage pre-diabetes, improve digestion, control blood sugar....
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4 Principles To Select Foods For Prediabetes?
Select foods for prediabetes: Choose vitality-packed options, prioritize whole foods, embrace color variety, and practice moderation....
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Best Time To Take Blood Sugar Reading For Diabetes
Eating dinner early supports overnight healing. Check blood sugar before bed for optimal health....
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Can You Fast If You Have Diabetes?
Can you fast if you have diabetes? Get practical advice on this topic here....
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How Does Exercise Help Diabetes?
Discover what exercises you can do, when to do it and how it benefit you as a diabetic....
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