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May 4, 2024

Can Medicine Cure Diabetes?

Understanding chronic health conditions often reveals the limitations of modern Western medicine, especially when it comes to diabetes—a complex and persistent ailment.

Medications prescribed in traditional Western practice typically focus on managing symptoms rather than addressing underlying causes.

Take high blood pressure as an example; medication may temporarily reduce your readings, but it doesn't necessarily tackle why your blood pressure was elevated in the first place.

When dealing with diabetes, particularly in its early stages, medications can lower blood sugar levels, yet they don't eliminate excess sugar from the body. This is why a more holistic approach is critical.

Lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, and stress management play a significant role in reversing prediabetes. If time or circumstances make these changes challenging, following your doctor's prescription is essential.

Addressing diabetes requires more than medication. Lifestyle changes are crucial for long-term management.


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