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May 7, 2024

Can You Fast If You Have Diabetes?

Fasting has been embedded in human existence for as long as we can trace back. Think of it as an innate part of our journey, where our forefathers, the hunters of yesteryear, thrived even when meals weren't guaranteed on a daily basis.

On successful hunt days, feasting occurred, but more often than not, they fasted, relying on their bodies' resilience. These natural cycles of eating and fasting are thought to have given them strength and sharpness, attributes essential for survival.

Drawing from this ancient practice, it's clear that fasting isn't just a fleeting trend but could be a lifestyle choice anchored in human history.

As modern science probes into the potential benefits of fasting, it's intriguing to consider how this might apply today, particularly for those managing conditions like prediabetes.

Consulting with healthcare professionals can ensure that anyone interested in exploring fasting can do so safely, especially if they are managing their health with medication.

Can you fast if you have diabetes? Get practical advice on this topic here.


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