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May 15, 2024

How To Fast If I Have Gastric Problems?

Embarking on a fasting journey requires some incremental changes, especially if you're pre-diabetic.

Cutting back on sugar-laden drinks like soda is one of the first steps, and it's most effective when done gradually.

Likewise, reducing sugar in your coffee can be done by slowly lessening the amount you add, aiming eventually to enjoy it without any added sweetness.

Similarly, if your daily eating pattern consists of multiple small meals, simplifying to three well-balanced meals can make a significant difference.

Through these adjustments, not only will your body begin to adapt to the changes in diet, but you'll also be taking a proactive stance in managing your blood sugar levels.

Feeling hungry between meals is normal, and there might still be cravings as you make these dietary changes.

If discomfort like gastric pain arises, there's a technique involving an acupuncture point on your leg known as 'zu san li' that you can stimulate to potentially alleviate some of that discomfort.

This can be done by applying pressure or gentle rubbing to the area which may be tender.

Furthermore, if hunger pangs persist, certain therapies like hydrogen therapy can be explored to help manage hunger sensations effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Gradually reduce the consumption of sugary drinks and foods to ease into fasting.
  • Transition from multiple meals to three balanced meals to help control blood sugar.
  • Utilize pressure on the "zu san li" acupuncture point for potential relief from gastric discomfort.
Ease into fasting by gradually cutting sugar, simplifying meals, and using pressure on the 'zu san li' acupuncture point for comfort.


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