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May 2, 2024

Is Diabetes Inherited?

Is diabetes inherited? Join me on a personal journey where I've realized that type 2 diabetes may not be solely a matter of genetics, as I once believed. If you look at my family, you might notice a trend: my father, grandfather, elder brother, and even I sported a rather prominent belly.

Throughout childhood, my son grew up in the leaner environment of my in-laws, and guess what? He stayed slim despite my initial concerns of passing on "big tummy genes."

A pivotal moment came during a family reunion for the Chinese New Year a decade ago. My brother, who once shared our family's round figure, dramatically reduced his waistline. His secret?

A change in lifestyle practices, which I adopted, leading to a reduction in my own belly. Interestingly enough, prior to this change, I struggled with a pre-diabetic condition, yet no one else in my family battled with high blood sugar.

This raises an important consideration: perhaps it’s not purely our genetic inheritance that shapes our health.

For instance, you might have seen families where everyone seems to struggle with their weight. But on closer observation, it could be their shared habits and lifestyle choices that contribute to their health issues.

I've come to believe that many of our health challenges come from the habits and lifestyles we adopt. When I altered mine, my health improved notably, supporting the notion that lifestyle can significantly impact our well-being.

My son, who mirrored the habits of my in-laws, didn't adopt my earlier lifestyle and, as a result, stayed lean.

While genetics may play a role in certain diseases, a vast majority of health issues may actually stem from our day-to-day choices — what we eat, how we cope with stress, and our level of physical activity.

Let's engage in a dialogue: do you find this rings true based on your own experiences? If my story resonates with you, I encourage you to think about your own lifestyle patterns and share your thoughts. Let's embrace a proactive approach to health together!

Uncover the truth: Health isn't solely genetic. Follow one man's journey to defy diabetes through lifestyle shifts.


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