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Free Trial - Walk in

Free Trial - Walk in

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This free trial session is 2 hours (120 minutes). The oxyhydrogen inhalation per session is 100 minutes, with 10 mins to settle down and 10 mins to pack up. Customers may move around, stretch, go to the toilet, or have light meals during the session.

The free session is worth $200. The customer only pays $30 for the nasal cannula to participate in the free trial. For safety and hygiene purposes, we do not share nasal cannulas.

Everyone is entitled to one free trial. 
We hope this free trial will bring you joy and hope.

Please come prepared with a blanket or jacket to keep you warm during the session.

Oxyhydrogen servered :
Gas Composition : Hydrogen 66% : Oxygen 33%
Gas Flow : 3.0 L / min Medical Grade Flow

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How many hours of therapy do I need to see the improvement ?

For people who are going through cancer treatment or in severe pain, it may take up to 6 hours to see improvement. For the rest of the people, 2 hours may be sufficient.

How many sessions do I need to go through to see positive results?

For people with cancer, we recommend doing a 6-hour session for 3 consecutive days.

For the rest of the people, we recommend doing a 2-hour session for 3 consecutive days.

After that, depending on the result desired, our health coach will work with you on the optimal therapy frequency.

Is oxyhydrogen inhalation therapy safe ?

It is safe. Deep sea diver has been using oxygen tank mixed with hydrogen gas since 50 years ago. Today, hydrogen gas is mixed with oxygen to be used for deep sea exploration.

How is it that my doctor have hardly heard about oxyhydrogen inhalation therapy?

Since the discovery in 1975 that hydrogen gas can be used to control cancer in mice, most of the research and development is done by the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. More than a thousand research papers have been published by East Asians.

Does Oxyhydrogen Inhalation Therapy contradict with any mediation?

Oxyhydrogen Inhalation Therapy is not known to contradict with any medication to date.

Should I stop my medication before going to Oxyhydrogen Inhalation therapy ?

Since Oxyhydrogen Inhalation Therapy is not known to contradict any medication, you should carry on with the medication as prescribed by your doctor.

I am feeling better, can I stop my medication ?

Oxyhydrogen Inhalation is not a replacement for your medication. Please refer to your doctor for medication advice.

Would I be depedent on the oxyhydrogen inhalation for life after I startest it ?

You may stop the therapy anytime. Currently, there is no evident that one would become dependent on oxyhydrogen inhalation therapy.

Would I be addicted to Oxyhydrogen Inhalation Therapy ?

Unlike additive stimulants like caffeine, oxyhydrogen gas does not cause addiction. However, the benefits of the therapy may suggest that you do it routinely to keep up your health.