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Hello Uncle and Auntie! I wanted to give you an update on my friend, who is battling stage 4 liver cancer. The doctors estimated that he has about 20 days left, and this is now day 10.

I visited him today, and he seemed happy to see me. Although his face and eyes are still slightly yellow, there is a noticeable improvement in his hands. The swelling from water retention has reduced, and his stomach appears a bit smaller. However, the fluid buildup in his lower legs is still quite significant, as you can see in this video.

If you have any suggestions for easing his water retention, please share them with me. For now, we are trying to keep his legs warm to improve blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system. The amazing thing is that my friend does not seem to be in pain, despite being at such an advanced stage of cancer. He mostly feels fatigued and spends much of the day sleeping and waking up to use hydrogen therapy.

His appetite is not great, but he's started eating some fruit and drinking water mixed with salt and lime juice. Remarkably, he hasn't needed any pain medication, so the hydrogen therapy seems effective at managing his discomfort.

Please stay connected, and I will keep providing updates on his condition. Have a good day, and take care!

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