Hydrogen Therapy improve
Metabolic Syndrome

 H2 therapy supplement doctor's medication

Healthy Lifestyle and Diet with Positive Outlook 

High Blood Sugar

Pre-diabetic can be reversed with a commitment to positive lifestyle improvement, diet change, and emotional stress management.

Without positive management, a diabetic person can depend on medication to control blood sugar. After years of medication without positive management, diabetes may lead to complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, and blindness.

Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy can help to reduce inflammation due to high blood sugar and improve insuline resistance.

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High Cholesterol

The main function of LDL is to transport cholesterol from the liver to the cells of the body where it is needed for various functions, such as cell membrane formation, hormone synthesis, and vitamin D production.

By suppressing the LDL manually, essential functions are disrupted. The effect of this disruption is not fully studied today.

Our cholesterol level fluctuate, depending on our lifestyle, diet and age. Implementing the right changes to control our cholesterol level before starting on the medication.

Hydrogen Therapy is tested to lower cholesterol level.

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High Blood Pressure

Most people with high blood pressure are classified under essential hypertension. In other words, doctors do not know the root cause of the problem.

With a commitment to positive lifestyle improvement, diet change, and emotional stress management, we can improve our blood pressure.

Studies has shown that Hydrogen Inhalation exerts a favorable effect on blood pressure, and reduces stress in midlife/older adults with hypertension.

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The Biological Effect of Hydrogen Gas 

1. Anti-oxidant
2. Anti-inflammatory
3. Anti-apoptosis with cytoprotection
4. Modulation of signal transduction
5. Maintenance of mitochondrial function
6. Immunomodulation effect

Clinical Studies of
Hydrogen Gas on Metabolic Syndrome

In the early years, most of the studies uses lab hydrogen saline on mice, until the hydrogen inhalation device is invented. Today, most of the test on human is done with a machine that produces a mix of hydrogen(66%) and oxygen(33%), with a gas production rate of 3L/min.

To date, there are more than a thousand papers published about hydrogen gas with respect to general health and diseases. Below is a list of the research paper published related to respiratory challenges. This is not an exhaustive list. We try our best to update as regularly as possible. 

The H2 Therapy Advantage

Highest grade medical device with high hydrogen flow mixed with Oxygen to improve efficiency 

Volume Mix 
H2 66% / O2 33%

Gas Production Rate
3.0 L /min

Certified Class III
Medical Device

Certified EU CE
Class IIb

Operating Environmental Safety

Strict compliance is adhered to prevent hydrogren combustion

 Hydrogen Machine is controlled  under 40o C during operation

Humidity is maintained above 45% with Nebulizer

Environment is kept Ventilated
at all time

Hydrogen Therapy with Quality Assurance


Simple to adminster. Just breath

Best in Class

100% safe with no known side effects.

Cost Effective

Affordable and effective


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