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Tini L. (Shades of TL)
Tini L. (Shades of TL)
06:10 02 Sep 23
After being told by my doctor I have long covid symptom, I was not ready to be defeated by this. As an active person, I find it annoying not being able to enjoy my morning runs, muay thai and zumba. I found out about The H2 Therapy when I was passing at Velocity, Novena. After the 1st trial session, I was able to sleep better and the next day, I feel lighter in my lungs , no morning sinus and I could breathe better. After 2nd session, I feel so much better and I could chase the bus without panting. After the 3rd session, I am confident that I can go back to my daily active routine.
Choy Lin Wu
Choy Lin Wu
16:58 04 Jul 23
My first visit at H2 Therapy at Novena was 3 days ago but amazingly after my first trial for 2hrs I was able to sleep well throughout that night for at least 8 hrs without getting up middle of the night to look for toilet.Again, I went back the next day for my second visit on the OxyHydrogen Inhalation Therapy, this time I felt even more less pain and feel more relief on both my kneecap and which I have experience over this whole year with stiff and tightness on both my foot but not anymore and able to walks quite a distance now.I have also read up from goggle about what is H2 Therapy before making a trip down and now with this understanding I have signed up package which is affordable and also can be shared with my husband as well.I has recommended my colleague to try out for themselves and feel the improvement on their ownfor justification.I would highly recommend for those who are keen to improve their health to join us as a families.I reviewed solely base on my experience and hope that more people benefit from it.Thank you,Mdm Margaret Wu
Tan Hong
Tan Hong
04:44 14 Jun 23
After 1st visit, i could not fall asleep easily and woke up 3 times touriniate. After 2nd visit, I slept 8 hrs straight without getting up to urinate.
marlinda Rof
marlinda Rof
04:21 11 Jun 23
H2 therapy advisor are friendly and professional. The therapy itself have help my son in his focus and sinuses. Been going over weekly and I can see that the therapy helps my son to calm down and focus in his studies. Thank you for recommending this to us.As for my mom this therapy has help her in her waist and leg pain. Has reduce and now she don't complain waist pain any more
Cyan Blue
Cyan Blue
14:17 05 Jun 23
After trying out for 2 hrs no difference no improvement to my knee and leg.May be this therapy is not for everyone , however the staff are helpful and friendly
John Chan
John Chan
02:59 01 Jun 23
After my first 2 hours of H2 therapy, this is the first time that I experienced a good deep sleep that I have never had before.Woke up with a good 6 hours of sleep and took a leak around 5am.I’m continuing with the next few sessions and will come back with another after the third session.However at this time with a special offer session at $30/- per 2 hours, this is definitely a good bargain!
Boon Han Tan
Boon Han Tan
03:28 22 May 23
Today is my 3rd time doing this H2 Therapy. I am a diabetic and also a Dialysis patient. The Therapy actually help in my energy level. Previously I can only walk around 6000 plus steps per day. But yesterday I walk almost 12000 steps. 1st time man, and I am very happy about my stamina. My BP during Dialysis is also good at 130-140. Previously my BP is always low like less than 110. Will keep doing this H2 Therapy and hope my condition can improve more.
Daphne Tan
Daphne Tan
09:38 16 May 23
Since I completed my chemotherapy in November 2022 I have problem walking on hard flooring without slippers and have pain at my pelvic area when I walk. After 1st session of 6 hours inhaling the result was amazing. I couldn’t believe myself that the pain is gone! I certainly will continue and introduce more friends this amazing therapy.
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sleep Problems

H2 therapy could help to improve sleep quality

Cancer Rehabilitation

Improve our energy level. Minimise the adverse side effect of treatment.
Before Cancer Treatment
After Cancer Treatment
When Cancer Treatment
Is NOT Possible

Inflammation Pain

Reduce inflammation, discomfort, and pain.
Type 1 Diabetes
Systemic Lupus 

Breathing Difficulties

Improve our breathing capacity.
Post Covid Recovery
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD

Metabolic Syndrome

H2 therapy could help to regulate the 3 highs
Improve Blood Sugar
Improve Cholesterol
Improve Blood Pressure

General Wellbeing

Slow down aging, clear the inflammation, speed up repair and recovery.
Anti Aging
Improve Sleep
Sports Performance Enhancement 

Hydrogen Therapy with Quality Assurance

Simple to adminster. Just breathe.
Best in Class
100% safe with no known side effects.
Cost Effective
Affordable and effective
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